Questions & Answers

What is the best thread count for bamboo sheets?

With a bit of research, you will discover that the happy median is 300. Bamboo bed sheets claiming any higher thread counts than this range are usually blends, and are typically far cheaper in quality. Bambusa bedsheets are all 300 counts, sateen weave

What is sateen weave?

Sateen weave sheets often feature a three-over-one-under
weave which results in more visible threads on the 
top of
the fabric. Essentially, this is what causes the finished product to appear silky and lustrous, and feel very smooth to the touch. Sateen weave sheets can be a good choice for those who suffer from allergies because they resist mildew. They have a high thread count and are very breathable making them cool to sleep on.  

 What are Bambusa Sheets unique features?

Bambusa sheets are luxuriously soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, thermal regulating, and eco-friendly. Our sheets are unique
with the embroidered letters on the bottom corners to quickly identify the SIZE & DIRECTION of the sheets. A storage bag is included to keep the whole bedding together so you can grab the perfect size every single time. We strive to have high quality bedding, yet functional, to help your life be more efficient and simple.


What comes in a set of Bambusa Sheets?

Each embroidered sheet set includes 1) flat sheet, 1)fitted sheet, 4) pillow cases and 1) storage bag = 7 piece sheet set

What is your warranty?

Bambusa Sheets will refund you 100% of your purchase price for any reason within the first 60 days of your original order.

  • AMAZING!!!!!

    These sheets are incredible. They are so soft and have really helped
    keep me cool at night. The best part is the letters on the bottom of the
    sheets, it made making my bed so quick and easy and the fact that it came with
    4 pillowcases!!!


  • Soft, easy to orient sheets!

    Soft comfortable sheets! The embroidered letters identifying the size and orientation of
    the sheets makes making my beds so easy. The storage pouch keeps everything organized in my linen closet. Love my sheets!


  • Amazing Sheets!

    I love these sheets! They are so comfortable and easy to clean (quick to dry). This is my first time trying out bamboo sheets and I was impressed by the softness. 5/5 for me!


  • Softest sheets!

    I ordered the grey king size Bambusa sheets and feel like
    I'm in heaven when I lie on them -They are so soft and luxurious. The
    embroidered size letter on the left corner means no more guessing how the sheet goes on the bed - we all know how frustrating that is!! I will be buying more!!
    Thanks Bambusa!!


  • I bought these sheets for my boys' full sized beds. They fit the beds well and are soft and comfortable. They have letters at the bottom corners identifying which way to orient the sheets which takes the guesswork out of which way the fitted sheet is oriented. The nice sturdy bag helps organize my linen closet. These sheets are well-made and worth the price.



  • WOW! WOW! WOW!

    These sheets are AWESOME and have made my life so much easier. The sheets embroidered lettering at the bottom of the sheets allow me to quickly identify which side is the top and the bottom without fighting the sheets to figure it out. These sheets are the softest, most breathable sheets I've ever slept on. It's incredible.

     R. Thomas

  • Love these sheets! I hate trying to figure out the queen sheets from the king sheets, but these make it simple! On top of that- they are SUPER comfortable.

    You won’t regret your purchase!



  • Purchased a set as a surprise for my wife and now we've bought
    another set as a wedding gift for a her suggestion! Save yourself the time and get a couple of sets. You won't regret it.


  • Unmatched Comfort!

    I initially ordered a set of these sheets for myself, but their exceptional comfort led me to order three more sets for my family. These sheets are nothing short of a revelation – incredibly comfortable, cooling, and remarkably breathable. I've even made them my go-to wedding gift, and the recipients have all fallen in love with them. Don't miss out on this experience – order these sheets for everyone and elevate your comfort game!