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Q-QUEEN Navy Blue Sheets

Q-QUEEN Navy Blue Sheets

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Unveil the epitome of comfort with our Queen Size Bamboo Viscose Bedsheets in calming blue. Immerse yourself in luxury, perfectly harmonized with eco-friendliness. Feel the unparalleled softness against your skin, as these sheets ensure a soothing sleep environment with their hypoallergenic nature. Effortlessly style your bed with discreet corner letters, ensuring perfect alignment. Embrace year-round serenity with bamboo's temperature-regulating abilities. Elevate your sleep haven with our Queen Size Blue Bamboo Viscose Bedsheets. Indulge in opulence that cares for both you and the environment. Redefine your sleep journey now."

Easy Way To Locate SIZE & DIRECTION With Embroidered Letters On Bottom Corners Of Sheets.  Soft, Cool, Breathable, Thermal Regulating (Q=Queen/ Navy Blue)

Luxuriously Soft and Comfortable:

Bamboo viscose is created from natural materials. They
are softer than cotton and linen, naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. In addition to the moisture-wicking and thermal regulating, Bambusa sheets will help regulate your temperature all night long so you can have a restful night's sleep.

More Than Bamboo Sheets:

Bambusa sheets have raised the bar and setting new standards in luxury bedding. Our sheets have the highest quality bamboo fiber with a delicate sateen weave resulting in the softest most comfortable sheets you’ll ever touch! We went one step further and finally addressed the problem we all faced at one time or another, the frustration in making a bed. We put embroidered letters on bottom corners so you can quickly identify SIZE & DIRECTION.
No more searching for that one sheet or spend time trying to make your bed. This unique feature makes us stand out from our competition. Order your set of our bamboo bedding and see the difference for yourself!


7 Piece Bedsheet Set

Our 7 piece embroidered bamboo bedsheet set includes: 1-fitted sheet, 1-flat sheet, 4-pillow cases, and a storage bag.

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